We make sure we use advanced technology in producing our products so as to provide to our customers the best.

At Anmol TMT, we have government approved systems and technologies that enable us to create the best of our products.

Anmol TMT is hot rolled from steel billets and is subjected to PRC controlled online thermo-mechanical treatment in 3 successful stages that are quenching stage, tempering stage and cooling stage, this process makes high quality rebars.

Our TMT bar is totally controlled by sulphur and phosphorous, that gives your construction extra strength to withhold under extreme weather conditions. It is absolutely reliable than other rebars available in the market.

  • Made out of MS Billet only.
  • Most advanced European Double V-Rib Bars for better bonding.
  • Bundling and strapping is done to ensure minimum damage during handling and transport.
  • Low carbon content is made from fully Deoxidised steel.
  • bend-ability, weld-ability and excellent ductility ensure economy and safety of use.
  • In-built ability to resist loss of strength at higher temperature.
  • Requires less energy for bending and re-bending along with superior reverse bending properties.
  • Better connect with cement and high tensile strength.
  • High corrosion resistance and seismic resistance compared to other TMT bars.
  • Suited for any type of high rise and construction